Michael Joseph


Remembering Michael Joseph

2009 seemed to be the year where we continually lost famous people who left quite an inspiration on our world. In the entertainment industry we lost household names such as Patrick Swayze, Michael Jackson, and Ed McMahon just to name a few. For those who had an appreciation for modern day art, you may’ve felt the sincere loss of another famous name, a brilliant artist of our day, Michael Joseph.

At age 43, Michael Joseph Setlak passed away on December 8, 2009 from a terminal brain tumor. Michael was originally diagnosed 3 years ago but as the family he left behind and his colleagues attest, he left us bravely. While most people in his circumstance would have complained, gotten angry, and become depressed, Michael was not like that. He accepted that his life was going to be cut short and used his passion for art as therapy, leaving us with everlasting compositions that we can continue to remember him by.

In Michael Joseph art, he portrayed his unique style of ‘raw realism’. These canvases were oil paintings, acrylic paintings, and sometimes pencil compositions that depicted his personal take on landscapes, wildlife, and famous people including Hollywood celebrities and politicians. His final painting actually honored the late legendary singer, and his all time musical hero, Michael Jackson.

Although Michael Joseph’s style could translate into any genre of art, he was infamous for his depictions of world-renowned athletes. Unlike most sports artists who just illustrate athletes playing their sport, Michael Joseph captured the emotion in the player. He had a solid understanding of all the sports he painted and used that knowledge to portray the passion in the athletes he replicated. Collectors and viewers of his work alike can clearly see the emotion Michael tried to portray in his player’s eyes. As the viewer you can also see the heart Michael put into his paintings through the detail in his work exemplified by the beads of sweat on his athletes and the detail in their muscles.

Michael Joseph’s talents were certainly a great loss to us all. The legacy he left behind will continue to influence the world of art far and wide. S&J Collectibles is glad to have worked with someone as talented and inspirational as Michael Joseph.